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Social Media and You

Social media is a topic that encompasses a broad area, touches many activities within a franchise system’s operations and generates an increasing amount of interest to IFA members. Franchising World magazine provides its readers a quick spotlight on several franchise executives and their views on the impact of social media.

What do you think is the single most important aspect of social media to the franchise industry?  To your company?
Ensuring brands ele-vate social media to a separate line item in their business planning important. Not just from a financial perspective, but from a strategy, educational and execution perspective. It’s important we have the right people on our team to ensure we give our franchisees the proper education and guidance for their social media activities. We must ensure they not only leverage these amazing tools for growth where it makes sense, but do so in a manner that is consistent with our brand image and messaging. The lack of guardrails within the social media arena could easily derail the best marketing strategies.
Bottle & Bottega is a very socially driven business. Thus, social media is a huge part of our strategy both in attracting new guests to our studios, engaging with existing guests for retention and seeking quality leads for our future franchisees. We must remain cutting edge on branding, tactics and integration, as well as knowledgeable on the proper execution for our company. This requires continuous education on our part and ensuring we are partnered with the best companies.

Nancy Bigley, CFE
Bottle & Bottega, Inc.

Bigley can be reached at

Social media has changed the way our society communicates with each other. With the click of a button people from all over the globe can connect through photos, text and video.
This change in communication has also opened the door for franchise brands to directly interact with customers. For the first time, a franchise brand can engage its customers by having a two-way conversation in an open forum. A brand can start a discussion with hundreds or thousands of current and potential customers by making a simple post on Facebook or Twitter. Those interactions are then visible to millions of social media users. That reach has been the most important factor for our public relations efforts. Ten years ago, an article or TV segment’s reach used to end once it was delivered or broadcast to a home. Now social media has increased the life and scope of a story, because it can be quickly shared around the world and it is available online for future audiences to read.
Social media has made public relations more impactful for a franchise brand, because online content about a brand is just a “Like” or a “Tweet” away from reaching thousands of people.

Sherri Fishman, CFE
Fishman Public Relations

Fishman can be reached at
The single most im-
portant aspect of social media to the fran-
chise industry is the ability to promote, enhance and extend the brand. It’s critical that franchise organizations focus on establishing a corporate culture that embraces a social engagement plan for the upcoming year.
Any business should reflect on its own corporate culture and establish a plan that genuinely fits who it is. A plan should be well researched, goals should be well documented and metrics put into place. A 12-month roadmap should be created and provided to every person within the organization that describes the brand’s social ecosystem and how each person will or will not be involved.
A franchise organization should be particularly sensitive to the needs at the national and local levels and how each level of the organization will be involved, from the CEO and corporate management to franchisees and their staff.

Jeremy LaDuque

LaDuque can be reached at

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