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SoLoMo Changes Everything. Here’s What Your Brand Must Do Now.

PrintThe perfect storm of SoLoMo convergence (shorthand for social, local, mobile) is already having an undeniable impact on franchise marketing: Mobile online traffic was up 125 percent from the first half of 2012 to the first half of 20131, as consumers continue turning to their smartphones and tablets to actively research (most often on social apps) before they make purchases locally.

Yet despite the huge spike in mobile traffic, only 48 percent of franchise brands have optimized their websites for display on mobile devices, according to the 2013 Online Brand Presence Study2. The same study shows that only 32 percent of franchisee microsites use local plug-ins — which deliver social media viewers to their site. In the face of a sea change in consumer behavior, some brands are doing the right things to get their brand messaging in front of consumers, while more than over half of the brands surveyed are lagging. The question is, how does your brand rate? Consumers are searching from social channels for local outlets on their mobiles devices (the SoLoMo trifecta). Are they finding your brand when they look?

Company Bio
A Google Certified Partner and the exclusive facilitator of Facebook Locations, (formerly Parent-Child) more than150 concepts and thousands of franchisees rely on Process Peak to deliver the solutions required to thrive in today’s competitive mobilized marketplace. From websites to online searches, Process Peak brings 25 years of franchise experience and a service-based approach to offer turnkey, affordable solutions to grow your brand. Visit or call 760-720-5354 now to see how you rank against 122 brands’ SoLoMo presence.

How to Be Found Now

A little background: Mobile search is driven by social apps including Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare and others. These social apps and plug-ins include peer reviews, as well as location-specific data that make each of your outlets more findable — at precisely the  moment when the consumer wants to engage.

The takeaway: Leading brands are presenting consistent brand messaging at the local level through a managed SoLoMo presence. Your brand can do this too, and the first step is to determine where your brand is now on two critical channels:

  • Facebook Locations (formerly Parent-Child) lets you claim all of your brand’s listings, display them on a national map, and have them show up atop Facebook search results. You also gain control of content at the local level, so you can run promotions in a coordinated manner with your franchisees, who still maintain administrative access to their local page.
  • Likewise, Google+ enables you to have a branded presence at the local level. Once you’ve claimed your listings, working with a partner who has access to the G+ API allows you to listen and publish content across your system.

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Whether you call it SoLoMo or the new age of the mobile web, the key is not to be caught flat-footed as your competitors sprint ahead. You must have accurate local listings on Facebook, Google, and Yelp or people searching on their mobile devices, at the very moment they want to engage your business, will never even see your brand. Contact Process Peak for a complimentary audit of your brand’s SoLoMo presence and see how you rank versus the 122 other brands that have already participated in the 2013 Online Brand Presence Study.
1 BrightEdge August 2013 New Mobile Share Report

2 Online Brand Presence Study conducted by Process Peak on behalf of Franchise Media Update Group

Jon Carlston, CFE, Vice President of Social Development

Jon Carlston, CFE, Vice President of Social Development


Jon Carlston, CFE, Vice President of Social Development

Process Peak LLC
300 Carlsbad Village Dr., #302A
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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