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Do you have WILL POWER? 45 franchise execs join the cast to take a startup energy business from day 1 to a worldwide franchise system with lots of lessons learned along the way. And CFE credits!! One of 8 CFE Special Sessions presented at


Bags, Bags, Bags!

Ever wondered how all of those trinkets get into your IFA Convention bags? Here’s a sneak peek behind-the-scenes at IFA’s Annual Bag-Stuffing Extravaganza last night…IFA’s dedicated staff stuffed bags for each of the 2,600+ attendees expected at this year’s Convention (yes, that’s 2,600 laps around


Have you downloaded the

Have you downloaded the IFA Convention “Follow Me” mobile App for your SmartPhone yet? If not, you’re in the minority of IFA Convention attendees, as an overwhelming percentage of 2011 IFA Convention attendees have already figured out that you don’t have to lug that big