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Music Fosters a Business Duet Between a Franchise Brand and Investment Company

Bach to Rock opened its first corporate-owned location in Bethesda, Md. in 2007 and has since grown to six corporate-owned schools, including two in Maryland and four in Virginia.

The world of franchising includes many stories of innovation, determination and achievement. The formation and expansion paths may differ for franchise brands, but the final destination creates pleasant melodies as franchising adds businesses and employment opportunities for local communities.

At the center of a deal between a franchise music school and investment company principals is passion.

Bach to Rock, America’s music school for students of all ages, signed its first franchise agreement with Amplified Capital Partners, LLC to open a chain of Bach to Rock schools in Nassau County, N.Y., Westchester County, N.Y. and Fairfield County, Conn. Bach to Rock President Brian Gross said the agreement calls for six schools in the New York and Connecticut markets with the first location slated to open in the fall of 2012.

Gross says the company’s growth strategy is to “expand out regionally as opposed to going buckshot across the country,” which enables the business to provide top-level support to its initial franchisees. These markets represent cultural and musical centers, as well as a body of professionals who are entrepreneurially savvy.

While acknowledging the rocky economic climate in recent years, Gross points to several market trends that have benefitted the franchise resulting in three-year growth exceeding 1,000 percent. “Music has never been more essential to pop culture than it is today. Think about things like American Idol, The Voice, X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, Glee, ITunes, Apple; I could go on and on.” Gross says the other trend likely boosting the franchise’s popularity is the cutting of music and the arts from public schools which leaves children without an outlet to pursue music.

Speaking about Amplified Capital Partners, whose partners describe themselves as musicians in a news release, Gross says the principals understand the concept since they are family-centered and passionate musical enthusiasts. What role did the attractiveness of franchising play in this developing duet? “These are professional businessmen and I do think that they are looking for someone, i.e. a franchisor, to be able to give them a blueprint on how to be successful in this industry.” In addition to the investment team’s passion for education and children, “ they were looking for someone who could give them a pass whether it be operating procedures, systems and support, training, curriculum and sort of a brand model,” which provided a level of comfort in making the deal, Gross adds.

“As musicians ourselves, we are thrilled to bring Bach to Rock’s unique teaching methods to more families across the East Coast,” says Glenn Fleischman, co-founder and Managing Partner of Amplified Capital Partners, LLC.


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