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Life Skills Development Empowers PRO Martial Arts

Jackie Chan, Tae Kwon Do and Black Belts, these are some of the first things that come to mind when most people think of martial arts. At PRO Martial Arts, it’s our mission to change that.

To us, martial arts programs aren’t about actors, specific styles or skill levels, they’re about developing life skills that help empower our participants throughout their lives. That’s why I founded PRO Martial Arts in 2008. After spending countless years teaching traditional martial arts classes, I decided it was time to launch a franchise concept that would modernize martial arts programs and teach valuable life skills.

Our ARMOR Bullying and Predator Prevention program is the cornerstone of what sets us apart from other martial arts studios. It’s also what makes our schools particularly appealing to the more than 5 million active martial arts participants in the United States.

ARMOR works because it teaches children how to:

• Use voice inflection, posturing techniques and assertive dialogue strategies to stand up to predators without fighting.
• “Walk tall in a pack” to discourage predators from targeting them.
• Pinpoint a predator from afar to stay clear.
• Understand a bully’s psychology and, in turn, befriend and disarm him or her.

Placing strong emphasis on life skills development is critical, because 80 percent of our participants are children who truly benefit from developing a natural “armor” and becoming their own superheroes. This is especially true in today’s world, where the Internet provides bullies and predators with easy and abundant ways to contact and harass children.

However, the ARMOR program isn’t the only reason we’ve been able to open 13 units and secure more than 50 licenses in less than four years. PRO Martial Arts is also an attractive franchise business because:

• There’s no need for karate knowledge or experience.
• The semi-absentee model allows owners to keep their current employment while building a successful franchise.
• Each owner is required to hire a manager and three instructors, allowing the owner, manager and instructors to focus on their strengths.

Despite an economic downturn, franchises are growing because they offer prospective franchisees the safety and a solid structure and a proven business model. For PRO Martial Arts, starting a new franchise has been challenging, but we’ve persevered. We’ve been blessed with fantastic partners in the International Franchise Association and with such companies as Rhino 7 Franchise Development Corporation, who have helped us get to where we are today. 

Grandmaster Ed Samane is president and CEO of PRO Martial Arts Franchise Corp., which is headquartered outside of Philadelphia, Pa. He can be reached at 610-722-5600 or


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