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Popular IFA Educational Foundation pilot program to inspire young entrepreneurs to franchise future gains place on annual convention schedule. By Jennifer Kushell   During the International Franchise Association’s annual convention this year, there was a palpable buzz in the air. Fresh faces wandered the halls,


Business to Business Models in 2015 and Beyond

The B2B franchise model will continue to enable owner-operators to be the faces of their companies and control the customer experience while still having support of a franchise network. By Reed Nyffeler     Business-to-business models might not be the first thing that those unfamiliar


Women Dominating Predominantly Male Industries

In all cases, relationship building and listening will serve well with clients. By David McKinnon     For women considering franchise business ownership in a predominantly male industry, there are several real and perceived roadblocks that one must overcome to succeed. Below are five ideas


Take Your Business on the Nontraditional Route

Nontraditional expansion has great potential for a brand while fueling system-wide growth. By Bill Chemero, CFE Franchising growth and expansion is a tough hurdle for many up-and-coming brands to overcome. More businesses and franchises are fighting for space and market share, and there are certain


Seven Tips to Running a Legally Sustainable Franchise

Sustainability isn’t just about your products, but how you operate and deliver them. Most franchisors, when they hear the word “sustainability,” naturally think of the farm-to-table menus sweeping the country. However, there is another side of sustainability that’s equally important: assuring that the paper products