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Understanding Sales Tax Compliance

Only businesses that don’t have to worry about sales taxes are those that have no sales. By Shane Ratigan   Most of us understand the basic machinations of sales tax compliance from our experiences as retail consumers.  Frankly, from most consumers’ point of view, sales


Best Practices for Engaging Mature Franchisees

Franchising hits a tipping point: More than 50 percent of franchisees are entering the “Maturation Stage.” By Greg Nathan, CFE   There is a famous photo of Marilyn Monroe standing on a subway grate with her dress blowing around her. It’s from the movie, The


Diversity Your Client Base

Having a variety of clients who need more than one service will definitely help with the longevity of any business. By Jeff Huguet   In business, entrepreneurs are often taught to find their “ideal customer” and target them to start building a client base. There’s