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The Evolution of Franchise Finance

Franchisees should have a sound understanding of their financial positions and match funding with long-term plans. By Randy Jones   Prior to the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the primary sources of financing for franchisees were U.S. Small Business Administration-backed loans, conventional loans, and equipment financing.


Acquainting Veterans With SBA’s Lending Options

Understanding the options is the first step in obtaining the funding needed for business growth.  Flexible financing options are important for new and existing franchisees. Given the challenges of financing a start-up or a rapidly growing business, many times a conventional commercial loan isn’t a


Funding a Franchise: Step-by-Step

Whether you’re a first-time franchisee or a seasoned multi-unit owner, there are a variety of places to turn to when you’re ready to grow The franchise business climate has been steadily improving over the past several years. In fact, the International Franchise Association reported earlier


Can My Franchisees Get Financed?

Franchisor involvement in franchisee financing improves lender connections, results in better interest rates and more favorable repayment terms. Can my prospect get financing? This is the only question that a franchisor has when it comes to financing.  While this sounds self-serving, it is true.  How