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Can My Franchisees Get Financed?

Franchisor involvement in franchisee financing improves lender connections, results in better interest rates and more favorable repayment terms. Can my prospect get financing? This is the only question that a franchisor has when it comes to financing.  While this sounds self-serving, it is true.  How


Equipping Franchisees for the Financing Race

Despite increases in lending activity, small business is not yet out of the woods.  Several franchise-related indices continue to point toward positive developments, but lender willingness remains an obstacle to economic growth. In March 2013, the International Franchise Association’s Franchise Business Index showed that demand


Update: Analyzing the SBA Lending Market

Markets are balancing from the risk model to the opportunity model for lenders. There are many moving parts to the U.S. Small Business Administration lending universe, and many changes have been implemented to help ease access to small-business lending.  Two of these will be addressed


SBA’s Relationship with the Franchise Industry

Budget sequestration equates to a reduction of an estimated $900 million in actual lending. President Dwight Eisenhower proposed the creation of a small-business agency, the U.S. Small Business Administration, in 1952. It was founded with a philosophy and mission as a response to the pressures


Unlocking the Credit Box

The best first step is to develop your business plan and explore your borrowing options. Remember that first road trip with your family? No chance dad was going to ask for directions, but mom was all too willing to give them. These days, we just


Lending Summit Highlights Progress in Small-Business Lending

An expanded coalition of trade groups representing the financial services and small-business communities announced April 17 an expanded private-sector partnership to strengthen small-business lending and spur job creation at the International Franchise Association’s 2nd annual Small Business Lending Summit. The summit was conducted in Washington,


IFA Urges Lenders to Bank on Franchising

International Franchise Association Board members and President and CEO Steve Caldeira, CFE, headlined an unprecedented franchise lending panel at CBA LIVE, the annual conference of the Consumer Bankers Association. The meeting drew more than 1,000 of the nation’s retail banking leaders to Austin, Texas this