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Brazilian Market Attracts U.S. Franchises

At the request of the Brazilian Franchising Association, or ABF, International Franchise Association President and CEO Steve Caldeira, CFE, updated attendees this past fall on franchising in the United States and around the world during the ABF’s Annual Convention. The 650 attendees gathered at Comandatuba Island, Bahia in Brazil, which included 37 IFA member companies doing business in the country.

A shrinking global economy and the growing use of technology are making U.S. brands attractive to Brazilians just as the U.S. market is attractive to Brazilian companies, Caldeira said during a media interview with the publication Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios.  “To the extent that Brazil continues to grow and the United States market (in certain segments) becomes more saturated, we will seek opportunities in emerging markets,“ said Caldeira. “And obviously, Brazil and China are two regions where we see great opportunities for American companies.”

In an interview with ABF News, Caldeira shared the industry’s public policy priorities.  “One of our priorities in 2013 is to re-educate the new Congress on the franchise sector and to fight for comprehensive tax reform.”  ⎯

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