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Barbara Moran-Goodrich – Bonny LeVine Award Winner

Barbara Moran-Goodric
President and CEO
Moran Family of Brands

This award was created in 1994 in memory of esteemed IFA member and Postal Instant Press Co-founder Bonny LeVine in recognition of her outstanding accomplishments in franchising and of her status as a role model for women in the franchise community.  The Bonny LeVine Award is bestowed upon a female franchisor or franchisee who has demonstrated ability in franchising as evidenced by her contributions to the growth of the business, contributions to her community through board positions, volunteer work and activities that promote the professional advancement of women, and her contributions as a mentor to women in franchising.

Barbara Moran-Goodric President and CEO Moran Family of Brands

Barbara Moran-Goodric
President and CEO
Moran Family of Brands

Barbara Moran-Goodrich, president and CEO of Moran Family of Brands, which includes Mr. Transmission, Milex Complete Auto Care and Alta Mere Toys for Your Car, has a long history of helping pave the way for other women through mentorship and by sharing her professional development experiences. She served on the International Franchise Association’s Women’s Franchise Committee from 2000 to 2007 and co-founded the Women’s Franchise Network in Chicago along with her first mentee, Susan Black-Beth, CFE, CEO of Super Wash, who received the Bonny LeVine Award in 2011.  

Throughout her career, Moran-Goodrich has mentored many women in franchising and today continues her efforts to inspire others and create a pathway of entrepreneurism for women.  She currently mentors several young women who are just starting their careers that focus on franchising as a strategy for growth. Through providing guidance and sharing her experience, she hopes to inspire women to seek challenging opportunities  throughout their careers.

Moran-Goodrich became president of Moran Family of Brands in 1999.  Within the early years as the company’s leader, she focused on educating the staff, moving from a culture of micro-management to one of accountability to rebuild the foundation of the system to support all its franchisees. Following a period of successful management, she purchased the franchise system from majority shareholders.

Under her leadership, the franchise became the first in the automotive aftermarket industry to introduce co-branding, which has proved to be a profitable business model for all its brands. Moran Family of Brands also formed a training and mentorship program that improved franchise relations and best practices, which has helped give it a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Moran-Goodrich served on IFA’s board of directors from 2006 to 2012 and has been an active member of several association committees where she works to mentor women, as well as to encourage more females to get involved in IFA and franchise leadership opportunities.  Currently, she serves as chairwoman of the IFA Franchise Relations Committee.


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