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The Stories Behind The Numbers

    The International Franchise Association (IFA) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s new study brings hard data to the stories we’ve heard from franchisees throughout the country – Obamacare is raising costs, reducing jobs and slowing growth. Stephen Bienko, who owns 15 College Hunks


CFE Program Launches in Australia

    The Franchise Council of Australia and the International Franchise Association formally launched the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program at the FCA’s National Franchise Conference in Brisbane, October 20-22. A Study Tour group of IFA members, led by IFA Chairman Steve Romaniello, CFE, Managing


U.S. Trade Mission makes it last stops to Lagos, Nigeria

    The Trade Mission delegates arrived in Lagos, Nigeria on Oct. 2 after successful stops in Nairobi, Kenya and Johannesburg. After a brief introduction to the market by Janelle Santerre Weyek and Rebecca Armand with the U.S. Commercial Service in Lagos, the group relaxed


Congress should have a small business agenda

IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira had some thoughts on Congress’s agenda that appeared on the Hill’s Congress blog. The fall season means many things to Americans: football, back-to-school and football. But this fall will also hold additional significance for millions of small business owners