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Monthly Archives: July 2015


Franchising: A Global Engine for Economic Growth

Are your target countries ready for foreign concepts? New survey says “Yes!” By Edith Wiseman and Peter Schwarzer   Franchising has been growing worldwide. Global markets are receptive to the business model. Even more impressively, entrepreneurs worldwide are ready to start a franchise business, regardless


Why Franchisors Need to be Concerned about Hacking

Data security breaches and FTC enforcement powers could ignite a “giant cauldron of litigation.” By Peter R. Taffae   Many franchisors still believe that only Fortune 500 companies are susceptible to  cyber hacking, even though the National Cyber Security Alliance reported 20 percent of companies


Understanding Sales Tax Compliance

Only businesses that don’t have to worry about sales taxes are those that have no sales. By Shane Ratigan   Most of us understand the basic machinations of sales tax compliance from our experiences as retail consumers.  Frankly, from most consumers’ point of view, sales