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Daily Archives: July 29, 2015


How Veterans Add Diversity To A Franchise System

Hiring veterans adds experience, flexibility and workplace diversity to franchise businesses, while strengthening a sense of camaraderie. By Tim Courtney, CFE   Franchisors with a diverse ownership are likely to own a larger consumer market share in their industry and be more successful. CruiseOne believes


Q&A with Moni Singh, Founder of STEM for Kids

Moni Singh’s training as an engineer has been vital in her quest to ensure the feasibility of her STEM franchise concept. By Miriam L. Brewer, CFE   Growing up, Moni experienced opportunities that changed her life. She was born in a community where girls and education


Profiles on Two Diverse Franchisees

By Miriam L. Brewer, CFE   CruiseOne Franchise Owner Ralph Santisteban CruiseOne is a home-based travel franchise that is committed to being “Rich in Diversity” and it empowers all owners, agents and employees to reach their highest potential by leveraging their broad range of talent,