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Monthly Archives: October 2014


Crowdfunding: The New Way to Finance Franchises?

Franchisors need to give considerable thought to how crowdfunding may impact their franchise systems. By Joshua Schneiderman and Lulu Chiu       Crowdfunding has been touted as the way to democratize investment. It seems to be one of those rare initiatives that garner the


Trends in Text and Email Marketing

Make these workhorses work even harder. By Charles Austin       Franchise organizations have been using email and text messages for years as part of the marketing mix. Text — both short message service or SMS and multimedia messaging service or MMS — and


Making Site Visits Effective

Shared expertise can make franchising greater and be your system’s greatest asset. By Mary Ann O’Connell, CFE       Site visits: All too often, franchisees fear them and franchisors do them only because they are required.  But, when approached properly, site visits can be


IFA Supplier Forum: Advancing IFA Goals and Initiatives

Franchising, at all levels, and in all organizations, involves developing and nurturing strong, mutually beneficial relationships. By Mark A. Kirsch, CFE     The International Franchise Association is the “voice of “franchising,” and to a large segment of the business world, policymakers and legislative leaders,