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Monthly Archives: October 2014


How to Make “Big Data” Work For You

Franchisors who understand “Big Data” and how to leverage it will be able to identify actionable insights. By Corey O’Donnell       Using data to determine the best way forward is the difference between making a well-informed decision and taking a leap of faith.


Franchising Makes Gains in Manila

With the Philippines increasingly becoming a consumption-led and service-oriented economy, the franchise model is a powerful tool for local development. By Josh Merin, CFE       In mid-July, as typhoon Rammasan was making its way toward the Philippines, franchise executives from around the world


The Core-Four Lease Negotiation Process

Keys to reducing start-up costs, preserving working capital and protecting franchisee profitability. By Scott Simcik       You’ve heard the old phrase “location, location, location.” The real truth is “location, condition and cost.” Location affects the visibility, customer traffic and gross revenue. The conditionof